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Principals' Message

Dear Parents and Students,
I feel greatly honored and privileged to introduce myself as the new principal of Garrison Academy for Cambridge Studies (GACS). I am extremely proud and excited to join APSACS community and to support our students and their families. I will strive to continue and further enrich the positive relationships, rigorous learning and the incredible GACS environment that encourages our students to celebrate their unique strengths. As you all know that our new academic session is just around the corner, I have some very exciting announcements to make.


I feel thrilled as I speak about this latest development, a new venture which will be put into effect from August this year. In keeping with the COAS Directive that envisages Army Public Schools and Colleges System as a leading educational system of international standards, the existing Army Public Cambridge Stream schools will be expanded into a system called Army Public Schools for International Studies (APSIS). Our mission is to provide exemplary educational programmes of international standards that inspire and prepare all students for success in a global environment. Early Years classes EYS 1 (playgroup) and EYS 2 (Nursery) as well as Pre O’ Levels (grade 6-7) will be added to the running stream from August 2022 and admissions in all these levels are currently open. Please visit our website and Facebook page for complete details or contact us at our official numbers for further information.
At APSIS better prospects await for your child. We have an outstanding curriculum that emphasises active learning, understanding, critical thinking, and problem-solving capabilities. We endeavour to inculcate within each student the practice of taking ownership of one’s own learning. It is our responsibility as educators to nurture and develop every pupil to prepare them for life. Students are continually encouraged to participate in diverse activities, enabling them to develop an awareness about global issues, and an active respect for the environment.

APSIS Early Years Programme

Your child is a very special individual who needs a happy, secure and challenging environment in which to grow. A child’s natural curiosity to explore his/her world gives teachers the basis on which to build learning experiences that will provide a solid foundation for the early years of schooling. APSIS Early Years Programme recognises the importance of these initial years of schooling. For parents, it is vital that your child receives an excellent start to schooling in a friendly, caring and family atmosphere. At APSIS, we aim to meet the challenge of specific educational outcome goals for students as well as developing creative, resilient, independent, flexible and socially adept young people. We aim to foster:

  • • Sound Academics
  • • Self-Discipline and Self-Worth
  • • Respect for Others
  • • Co-operative Learning and Living Skills

APSIS Pre O’ Levels (Grade 6-7)

At APSIS, our belief in providing your child with a broad and practical learning experience has resulted in an engaging, comprehensive curriculum.
Our dedicated faculty take a very real interest in all children and are committed to each child’s future success by providing challenging programs that promote individual growth and achievement, leadership and co-operation with others.
Students are encouraged to have significant input into, and responsibility for, their learning. Our staff plan using learning styles, group work, communication and a wide range of thinking skills to encourage deep understanding and knowledge. Every student, parents and the teacher contributes toward students’ Individual Learning Plans with student achievement being goal focused.
By browsing through our Web link Facebook page , you will find out more about APSIS and the learning advantages it offers. If you have any queries or comments, you are most welcome to discuss them with me at any time.

We look forward to welcoming you to be part of our vibrant learning community