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Army Public School for International Studies

APSIS is an internatioal system integrated with existing Cambridge section of APSACS. In keeping with COAS directive that envisages Army Public Schools & Colleges System as a leading educational system of international standards, the existing Army Public Cambridge Stream Schools will be expended into a system called Army Public School for International Studies (APSIS)

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Investing in Success for All Students


Provide exemplary educational program of international standerds that Inspire and prepare all students for success in global environment




Garrison Academy for Cambridge Studies had its beginning in Garrison Academy for Boys (GAB) when, in 1991, University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate(UCLES) offered O’ Level (CAIE) as an alternative to the local Secondary School Certificate (SSC). Based on the highly impressive O’ Level results at GAB, there was an overwhelming response from parents to provide the same opportunity to girls. Consequently, in 1999 the O’ Level programme was initiated in Garrison Academy for Girls. Ever since Then, there has been no looking back. Our students’ outcomes have been consistently remarkable both at local, regional ad even national level.

Building upon this, in 2005, GAB introduced the A’ Level. Due to the increase in admissions each year of both O’ and A’ Levels, it was decided by the patron LGES in 2012 that a dedicated co-ed campus for Cambridge Studies be established. Thus, Garrison Academy for Cambridge Studies (GACS) was inaugurated on 18th February, 2013 and registered with APSACS in 2017.

  • To provide quality education at an affordable cost to every student
  • To initiate and complete the O’ level program from grade 8 to 10; thereby, saving one academic year and aligning with SSC Examination and timeline
  • To offer A’ level (Pre-University) courses leading to admission in renowned universities within Pakistan and abroad
  • To create opportunities through co- and extracurricular activities, that increase awareness of aptitudes and abilities, raise self awareness, esteem and a sense of well-being in students
  • To offer career counseling services to the advantage of each student in the pursuit of future goals
  • To provide an understanding of the ideology and cultural values of Pakistan thus, encourages student to express themselves confidently and without bias and prejudice
  • To develop critical thinking and creativity in students along with the ability to communicate and collaborate effectively
  • To develop in student mental faculties and confidence to take initiatives and purse gainful activities resulting in useful contribution at each stage of there development
  • To provide and environment that create opportunities for physical growth and fitness through sports and physical activities
  • To promote a healthy partnership between the school and home; thereby enabling all to work in the best interest of the students
  • To provide meaningful education through student-centered, dialectical learning thereby, increasing motivation and the intellectual and creative potential of students
  • To enable holistic development; inclusive of emotional and spiritual well- being; that respects Islamic values and raises awareness of our social and moral obligations to ourselves and all those around us


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